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Meta Box’s MB Relationships—inspired by the very popular Posts 2 Posts—is a plugin that brings many-to-many relationships to WordPress, for when custom taxonomies (much like categories and tags) simply aren’t enough.


Confession: I’ve only just installed the Gutenberg plugin for WordPress a few weeks ago. I love HTML, you see, and have always severely disliked so-called WordPress page builders. The few times I’ve needed a certain paragraph to jump out or align page content on a grid of sorts, I would always resort to custom CSS […]

WooCommerce Order Status Choices

I recently put together a custom payment gateway for WooCommerce—an offshoot of a client project that I since spent quite some hours tweaking and refining—and, as always, had to make quite a few design choices. One particular type of choice had to do with order statuses throughout the payment processing flow. Some background This specific […]

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