Cloudy Alberta

Overcast yet marvellous Alberta. Fall colors, too.


Let’s just say it’s taken a while to go through the pictures, and then another while to go through them again. (Also: don’t mention the video.)

A Small Theme Fix

Turns out this very blog had been showing a PHP notice in the likes of Undefined variable: formats in […] on line 34!

It seems the otherwise great Scrawl WordPress theme contains a small bug on line 34 of content.php. In version 1.0.7 at least, that line references $formats, which is only defined within the scope of a function (i.e., scrawl_post_format()) that doesn’t get called until line 35 of the same content.php. The good news is that checking against post formats is already being handled by scrawl_post_format(), and thus can simply be omitted from content.php!

A clean fix would be to change these bits in content.php:

<?php if ( has_post_format( $formats[0] ) ) : ?>
	<?php scrawl_post_format(); ?>
<?php elseif ( is_sticky() ) : ?>
	<span class="entry-format"><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" title="<?php esc_attr_e( 'Featured', 'scrawl' ); ?>"><span class="screen-reader-text"><?php esc_attr_e( 'Featured', 'scrawl' ); ?></span></a></span>
<?php endif; ?>


<?php if ( is_sticky() ) : ?>
	<span class="entry-format"><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" title="<?php esc_attr_e( 'Featured', 'scrawl' ); ?>"><span class="screen-reader-text"><?php esc_attr_e( 'Featured', 'scrawl' ); ?></span></a></span>
<?php else : ?>
	<?php scrawl_post_format(); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

…which does the exact same thing.

Video Editing and Post-production Links

I’ve been looking into and reading up on (DSLR) video production for a little while now, and decided to share some of my findings online. (I’ll probably update this page a couple times in the future, too!)

Free Software

  • DaVinci Resolve Lite — Professional color correction and grading suite
  • Juan Melara’s film emulation LUTs — ‘The easiest way to make your digital footage look like film’
  • VirtualDub — Video processing tool that supports many 3rd-party filters; particularly useful in combination with the (equally free) Deshaker plugin
  • 5DtoRGB — Transcode DSLR footage to a less compressed and chroma-smoothed format, allowing for higher quality post-production

(DIY) Filmmaking News

  • DSLR Video Shooter — Caleb Pike’s blog on DSLR videography
  • CheesyCam — Gear reviews and DIY projects alike
  • No Film School — Online filmmaking community, ‘where filmmakers learn from each other’

(Professional) Filmmakers’ Blogs

  • Tom Antos Films — All sorts of tips and gear reviews for (DSLR) filmmakers, by director and cinematographer Tom Antos
  • Learning Video — Self-proclaimed ‘advanced amateur’ (DSLR) videographer Dave Dugdale’s blog
  • Chris Hall Color — Colorist Chris Hall’s blog, home to his highly recommended Anatomy of a Grade series
  • Juan Melara — Blog of Australian cinematographer and colorist Juan Melara (of the extremely popular ‘Summer blockbuster’ color grading tutorial)
  • Hurlbut Visuals — Blog of established cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC
  • Prolost — Blog of filmmaker, photographer, and Creative Director at Red Giant Software Stu Maschwitz
  • Vincent Laforet — Blog of renowned photographer and (DSLR) filmmaker Vincent Laforet
  • Philip Bloom — (DSLR) filmmaking legend Philip Bloom’s blog
  • Vashi Visuals — Vashi Nedomansky’s film editing blog

Content First, Again

Jeffrey Zeldman on how some things have hardly changed these past twelve or so years, in a rather brilliant A List Apart column:

It’s particularly troubling when […] code schools […] neglect to teach their students the vital importance of separating structure from appearance and behavior; the overwhelming urgency of marking up content semantically so that it is accessible to any person, of any ability, using any device; the genius (and long-term viability) of designing with progressive enhancement instead of targeting specific devices as manufacturers spawn ever more of them […].